International Symposium: Road Safety Around the World: Future Concerns

 19 March 2018 
University of Chicago Center in Paris


Barry Sheerman   

Introduction to ICoRSI Symposium:-

Brian O'Neil

Preventing motor vehicle crash injuries and deaths Science vs. folklore - Lessons from history :-

Mark Stevenson

Global Road Safety and  Future Directions :-

Kavi Bhalla

Effect of Road Safety Interventions on Road Traffic Injuries Globally

Dinesh Mohan

Dealing with existing theory: national fatality rates, vehicle standards and personal safety

Open Discussion

Open Panel Discussion Past and Future:-

Christer Hyden

Speed in a high-speed society :-

Geetam Tiwari

Principles for development of safer rural highway systems for conditions prevailing in low and middle-income countries :-

Maria Isabel Gutierrez 

Safety of motorised two-wheeler riders in the formal and informal transport sector

Open Discussion

Vehicles, road and speeds:-

Mathew Varghese

Pre-hospital care :  Evolution, practice, science and evidence :-

Ezra Hauer

Research into practice: practice into research :-

Rune Elvik

The development of knowledge: an evolutionary interpretation :-

Farida Saad & Sylvain Lassarre

Road users: formal & informal rules :-

Open Discussion

Open Panel Discussion Theoretical issues in road safety:-

Antonio Avenoso

The future of road safety in Europe: challenges and opportunities :-

Stephen Perkins

Implementing the Safe System and Analytical Capacity Building :-

Jacques Faure

Future safety technologies for low cost vehicles in LMICs :-

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