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Dinesh Mohan was born in 1945 in Lahore (now in Pakistan) and died on 21st May 2021 in New Delhi. He was Honorary Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He retired as Professor Emeritus for Biomechanics and Transportation Safety and Co-ordinator of the Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He served on the editorial boards of 4 international journals dealing with safety. In the past, he worked at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Washington DC and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

His research included the following areas: transportation research (safety and pollution), human tolerance biomechanics, motor‑vehicle safety, road traffic injuries, childhood injuries, effectiveness of automobile safety equipment, evaluation of injuries to cyclists and motor­cyclists, motorcycle helmet design, evaluation of government’s and motor‑vehicle manufacturer's standards concerning motor‑vehicle safety.


He was the recipient of: (1) Distinguished Alumnus Award 2002 from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. (2) International Research Council on Biokinetics of Impact’s 2001 Bertil Aldman Award for Outstanding research on the biomechanics of Impacts; (3) American Public Health Association International Distinguished Career Award in recognition of dedication and leadership in the area of injury research and teaching, with contributions and achievements that have significant and long term impact on the problem of injury prevention and control; (4) The International Velo-City Falco Lecture Prize (5) The Association for Advancement of Automotive Medicine’s 1991 Award of Merit for outstanding research in traffic safety; and (6) The 1991 International Association for Accident & Traffic Medicine’s International Award and Medal for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Traffic Medicine.

Protecting the vulnerable by design – a tribute to Dinesh Mohan(1945–2021)

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Dinesh Mohan (1945-2021)

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