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Existing scientific knowledge on road safety can save thousands of lives globally. However, lack of awareness of this knowledge and experience among politicians, policy makers, NGOs, development and donor agencies can lead to adoption of practices that are not only ineffective but in some instances could lead to an increase in deaths and injuries. ICoRSI hopes to provide decision makers and practitioners with scientifically based information and advice to help save lives and prevent disabilities.

There is an urgent need to ensure that the road safety activities of local, national, and international institutions prioritize the most important issues that threaten the safety and wellbeing of society. Decision makers need to be provided with independent and unbiased advice on what is known from decades of safety research, as well as guidance on the expected effects of emerging technologies that could potentially be game changers. Wherever and whenever required ICORSI hopes to generate scientific evidence for safety in transportation through independent research and reviews conducted by members or their associates or partners.

The Independent Council for Road Safety International is a not-for profit organization that provides independent authoritative advice on global road safety policies by road safety scientists that have no financial conflicts of interest.

In summary ICoRSI aims to:


  • Provide rapid, independent and evidence-based information on road safety policy and practice to policy makers and the public.

  • Strengthen the capacity of safety professionals and policy makers to understand existing evidence and undertake new research.

  • Facilitate capacity building for safety professionals and policy makers in the field of transportation safety.


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