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The Council 

The Independent Council for Road Safety International is a not-for profit organization that provides independent authoritative advice on global road safety policies by road safety scientists that have no financial conflicts of interest.

ICoRSI aims to:

  • Provide rapid, independent and evidence-based information on road safety policy and practice to policy makers and the public.

  • Strengthen the capacity of safety professionals and policy makers to understand existing evidence and undertake new research.

  • Facilitate in capacity building for safety professionals and policy makers in the field of transportation safety.



ICoRSI activities are funded by donations from a diverse group of individuals and organisations. Donors may specify activities that they are interested in or give a donation that can be used for any activity which furthers the objectives of the organisation.


The Council welcomes ideas and news from anyone promoting evidence based road safety around the world.
Please send us

of upcoming important events and evidence of successful road safety experiments, road designs and new policies.


We report with a deep sense of grief the sad demise of Professor Dinesh Mohan. ICoRSI was his brainchild and he was the one who nurtured it carefully from its inception. While attempting to maintain a careful balance of continents represented, he built a team of experts from diverse fields with a clear vision of reducing death and disability from Road traffic injuries. All of us at ICoRSI shared his vision and feel committed to continue what he wished to achieve. We fully realise that none of us can really step into his shoes, but there is a lot to be done and there are many challenges ahead in the field of Road Safety. We feel organisations like ICoRSI have a greater role in the transportation world of tomorrow with major evolutions in fossil fuel use and motorization of non-motorised regions of the world. With this in mind we rededicate ourselves to achieve the goals and get closer to the vision of ICoRSI.

ICoRSI Events

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